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Six misconceptions about Instagram that you should avoid

Six misconceptions about Instagram that you should avoid Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

Instagram is currently one of the most important social platforms on the Internet, and thanks to this social network, communication with friends, influencing the conditions and even promoting a business have become simpler issues.

Like everything else, after Instagram's popularity grew, we saw a series of bizarre rumors about it. Rumors and beliefs, which we will discuss in the following 6 cases.

Instagram makes people invisible

Rumor: Shadowbanning is a method that Instagram is trying to prevent from publishing inappropriate content. In this way, an account may be completely intangible without any prior notice. So intangible that the account holder may not even notice it after a while.

Thanks to this method, Instagram will temporarily or permanently deprive the user of all privileges granted to the offending user. Many people believe that after the fall, the interaction rate of their posts has dropped drastically, and Instagram no longer allows their posts to appear on the hashtag search page.

Reality: With the spread of these rumors, Instagram appeared as a respondent and stated that it was being tested and not its users. Instagram went on to say that no user is going to be blamed for overusing such hashtags or violations, and blamed the downgrade on the poor marketing of some business owners and the misuse of hashtags.

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You own your own hashtags

Rumor: The hashtags you create for your brand are your personal assets and no one else has the right to use them without your permission. If a brand's hashtag is used without permission, the owner can pursue the matter legally.

Fact: You may be surprised, but you have no ownership over the content you post on your social media networks. In general, everything that is published on Instagram belongs to this social network, and you cannot make any claims against them. Thus, it can be concluded that there is no such thing as the right to own a hashtag.

Instagram hides its users' posts

Rumor: Instagram keeps your posts secret. You post a video or photo on your personal page and you will quickly see it on your timeline. Now if you scroll down and come back to your original location, you'll see that your post has been mysteriously deleted. Of course, this is not a coincidence at all, and Instagram will completely delete your post from the timeline so that its visits will not increase.

Fact: Instagram no longer displays your posts in chronological order. This means that a post published by yourself will only be displayed for a limited time on your character's timeline. Using a series of special algorithms and taking into account the history of user interactions, Instagram identifies and displays important posts for them.

You can buy followers on Instagram

Rumor has it: By buying likes and followers for your Instagram account, you can quickly become one of the influential people on this social network. Instagram algorithms identify you as an influential person because they have a lot of followers and likes, and you can be more visible thanks to this and attract more followers in a short period of time.

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Fact: Instagram can now easily distinguish between real-life likes and fake followers, and those who try to circumvent content production and audience engagement by using a third-party app.

Business Instagram accounts are declining in popularity

Rumor: Converting a regular account to a business will reduce your audience. In general, if you have a personal account and a business account, you constantly have to produce the right content for each of them, which will eventually lead to divisions between your contacts and reduce the number of visits.

Fact: Contrary to many people's beliefs, there is no difference between a regular Instagram account and a business account. Instagram is constantly checking the personal accounts and business accounts of its users, and mainly taking an account into business mode does not lead to a decrease in content viewing. In addition to using business accounts, Instagram provides you with more tools for statistics as well as audience growth, which in turn is a bonus.

Improper use of hashtags is not the right thing to do

Rumor: If you overuse hashtags, Instagram will punish you. In general, overuse of hashtags can cause you to lose a large number of your contacts. In addition, Instagram uses special algorithms to monitor you, and if you use too many hashtags, it will consider your posts as spam.

Fact: In the endless sea of content posted on Instagram, hashtags are like platforms that link you to a specific set of content. So the more hashtags you use, the better your results will be. Of course, it's a good idea to link these hashtags to the posts you've published so you don't underestimate the value of the content you produce.

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