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Introducing the VIMAGE application; the creator of eye-catching cinemas

Introducing the VIMAGE application; the creator of eye-catching cinemas Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

We've talked about cinematic images and their unique look before. These days, thanks to various apps, creating such images has become more pervasive than ever before, so if you search for the hashtag cinemagraph # on Instagram, you'll see thousands of examples of these fascinating images.

The VINMAGE app that you are familiar with today is also a new option that has been added to the available download options to make CinemaGraph, an application that may differ slightly from other apps it has tested in its operating mechanism.

VINMAGE does not make its cinemas zero. Instead, it transforms your still images into an amazing and eye-catching frame by adding animated items. You can see examples of images made with this app below. Cinematography

Not beautiful? An image that seems to show no movement at all, with the addition of a moving item full of freshness and energy, so that you can feel the warmth of the drink inside by seeing the winding steam rising from the glass.

In VIMAGE, you can find all kinds of effects to create a cinematic graph. From the effects of steam and smoke and rain to the wings of butterflies and beautiful birds that can jump around the corner of your photo.

But alas, in the free version, out of 70 cases, you only have access to four of these effects. I know, it's frustrating, but if you have a creative mind, you can make stunning cinemas with the same four effects.


Although the free version of VIMAGE puts watermarks on your outputs and does not allow you to store them in full resolution, it is not inferior in terms of editing features. The first step in making a cinematography is to choose an image that can be both from the gallery and from the image you take with the camera at the moment.

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By uploading the photo, it's time for the initial edits. Here are some options for adjusting the brightness of the frame and the colors of the image, which may not match the basic features of Instagram, but at least reduce your need to use another editor app to almost zero.


The next step is a little more interesting. In the Edit Effect window, you will be able to edit the animated part of your image. For example, if the effect you want is "smoke", you can adjust features such as how it rises, speed, color, dimensions and brightness, and the contrast of the smoke to your liking. A feature that is rarely seen in cinematographer-made apps.

VIMAGE outputs are easily shared on Instagram and other social networks, and you can access the app on both iOS and Android platforms. It is interesting to know that this app, although still in the beta phase, has been included in the list of the best apps of Google Google 2018 , which shows the satisfaction of its users.

Given the app's presence in the beta phase, we can hope that with the release of the final version, more effects will be released in the free version and made available to users. Until then, I recommend that you do not miss the download of this application and the pleasure of making cinematic images with it.

  • Price : Free
  • Manufacturer : vimage
  • Operating system : iOS and Android
  • Size : 75.74 MB

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