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Check out your song game; become a singer

Check out your song game; become a singer Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

Less than a month left to Yalda night, and a few days ago I was thinking, what new Iranian mobile game has been released this year that can give a more modern color scheme to the dates of this night? Last year, Manchester City and the Quiz Av Kings were both good candidates for family fun, and while it's been almost eight months since 1997, I haven't seen a game that can replace them.

Your song has come to fill this void. The game has an interesting idea and although it is a single / online title, but due to its competitive nature, simplicity and giving up on one of the most popular arts, its experience with several other people will have its own charms. Of course, do not go into the game with an unprecedented effect.


Your song has its problems, but the game can be so entertaining that in one or two minutes of playing the song, if you get nervous for a few seconds or five because of some weaknesses, you feel and try to read more emotionally in the second seconds. The game leaves the user in the program environment without any special introduction and after a few short guides.

Now all you have to do is select one of the songs and read the song as the main singer sings. In the meantime, if you can pronounce the results correctly, you will get more points. In an interview with Amir Hooshmand, one of the creators of the game, we found out that your song uses an audio analyzer to rate the user's performance:

Your song has a voice analyzer that detects the base note of the incoming sound at any time with very little delay. Of course, the implemented algorithm also has the ability to detect results by pulling up to the curve.

For each song, all the results and writings performed by the singer have been carefully extracted. So at any given moment, the "executive note" and the "traction note" of the note that the user is reading are compared, and users receive points based on these two parameters.

Your song

Some songs are paid and each requires 200 music notes (the same coin). The number of free songs is quite reasonable.

Implementing such an analytics has many challenges in itself, and while you may sometimes feel that the gameplay isn't quite accurate when reading songs, if you look at it as a whole, the developer has been able to overcome that great challenge.

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Too many errors in the game's note recognition system could cotton anything that the developer had woven, but this has not happened, and the game's audio analyzer could play the role of a referee. Of course, your song focuses on technique, and how emotional the song is sung will depend on the individual's art.

Play your song

Perhaps the biggest drawback we can get from the game is its ambiguity, especially in the early minutes. Leaving the home screen and the presence of yellow and blue notes, as if they are not different from each other, has made the game look confusing at the starting point. If instead of using slide-like instruction, the instructions were given in the form of a gameplay (especially for the results), we would no longer see this ambiguity.

Your song is a fun game / app. The game doesn't have many flaws, but no matter how small we get and how many weaknesses we get out of it, we still can't hide the fact that we are on the side of one of the most entertaining works of the interior. The game's pink analyzer performs relatively well, the number of tracks is appropriate, and they are categorized in different styles.

These are the things we expect from a singing simulator, and your melody has met to some extent. Here's how to put one together for use with your social networking site.

In future updates to the game, sections will be added where players can share their recorded audio and video with other users, and other users can rate their performance. In addition, users will be able to customize their profile, including creating their favorite avatar. Watching the achievements of others, creating a list of friends and two-man duels are other future features of the game.

Your song - AhangeTO
  • Your song – AhangeTO
  • Price : Free with in-app payments
  • Manufacturer : New Voice Group
  • Operating system : Android
  • Size : 19.1 MB

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