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Twitter returns the show in chronological order

Twitter returns the show in chronological order Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

Twitter is exploring a new feature that allows users to display posts in a variety of ways. This allows users to view the full line-up based on artificial intelligence algorithms or to display users' tweets in chronological order.

twitter This new feature was developed due to complaints from many users, as fans of the social network complained to Twitter after the algorithm of the timeline display system became algorithmic.

Using the new key (located in the top right corner of the app's home screen), users can choose between the two latest or best tweets. In addition, there is another mode and the user can use his personal settings to display tweets by manipulating various options.


In early 2016, Twitter social media made it important for users to tweak their home page tweets (similar to Instagram) from timeline mode (based on release time).

At the time, Lisa Huang, a software engineer at Twitter's Quality Search Team, said the reason for the growth was the quality of the search experience, as well as finding closer and more useful content.

To implement this mechanism, the Huang-supervised team tested a wide range of different factors to find the relevant result, and achieved this by applying a machine learning algorithm that actually ranked tweets.

Now that the issue of time is an important factor in the content of tweets on this social network, Twitter officials have decided to provide users with a new way to display tweets so that they can both promote their advertising strategies and provide user satisfaction. .

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