Previous Article Next Article As of 2020, regular users will be denied access to the Hangouts app.

As of 2020, regular users will be denied access to the Hangouts app.

As of 2020, regular users will be denied access to the Hangouts app. Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

According to 9to5Google, Google will end its Hangouts messaging service in two years. From 2020, the service will no longer be available to regular users and will only be used for businesses.

Sources close to Google claim that the company will completely disable Hangouts service for regular users in 2020, which is not surprising. Because the search engine giant has been paying more attention to the RCS standard for some time, and with the Android Messages application, it has become the standard messenger service for the Android ecosystem standard.

It is rumored that with Hangouts disabled for regular users, they will be offered replacement options. But businesses can continue to benefit from this service in the form of the G Suite package (including Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet).

Although all of this is speculative at the moment, given the RCS standard, which is a much simpler and more convenient way to send a message, it is almost certain that these rumors can be true. There is no doubt that Google can make the most of this messaging app by allocating Hangouts to businesses.

[Original news release date: December 31, 2016]


Google's RTC CEO Scott Johnston said on Twitter that the company had not yet made a decision on the closure of Hangouts, and that users would be directed to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet instead of using it.

Hangouts Meet is available for video calling service and allows users to send text and links simultaneously.

Hangouts Chat allows you to chat between you and your team members and has features such as file and document sharing, appointment appointments and video conferencing up to 30 people through the Hangouts Meet app.

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