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Introducing the best shortcuts for the Shortcuts app on iOS 12

Introducing the best shortcuts for the Shortcuts app on iOS 12 Posted on April 6, 2020Leave a comment

With the release of iOS 12, Apple has added a new app called Shortcuts. Of course, this application is not technically new, but a new brand and a more complete version of Workflow.

To be able to add any of the shortcuts mentioned below to your device, just click on the title link of each of the shortcuts. Preferably try to open this page with a mobile browser and mobile browser so that you do not have any possible problems.

Here are eleven shortcuts for shortcuts that can be useful for all iPhone users. Stay with us.

Check Spelling

Automatically correcting spelling mistakes on the keyboard can always be helpful, but it doesn't always work best for our typos. All you have to do is copy part of your text from another application and insert it into the shortcut. You can easily tell if your text has been spelled correctly.

Do Not Disturb Timer

"Don't bother" controls have come to Apple's new operating system and have a new option called DND or Do Not Disturb. When you run this shortcut, you will be asked to enter the minute or hours you want, and then specify how long you want this option to be active.

Intelligent Power

If you are worried about charging your phone, you can use this option. The shortcut measures the current percentage of your battery with the applied settings and detects how much battery it uses.

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Install Main Apps

It is one of the best shortcuts for iPhone owners. With this shortcut, you only enter the names of the applications you want, then all the apps are listed in the App Store and can be easily downloaded.

Convert Video to GIF

With this shortcut, you can easily convert your videos to gif. This will be done easily and will also allow you to edit the video before converting to GIF.

Shoot a GIF

This shortcut runs the camera app and allows you to take multiple photos. After the last photo is taken, all of them are merged to create a moving image.

Time Machine

An interesting way to review memories. With this shortcut, you can view photos taken a year ago. You can also go back more than a year by setting this shortcut.

Download File

Downloading files on iOS is not a simple process. With this shortcut, all you have to do is copy the link to the file you want so that the Shortcut app will automatically download it. It also asks you where you want to store the app in your phone's memory.

Unzip and Save

With this shortcut, you can bypass the hard ways of not compressing zip files on iOS and easily decompress them.

Expand URL

Sometimes some shortened links may seem suspicious and do not display the original identity of the file. If you have any doubts about the shortened link, you can expand it using this shortcut to see which way it will lead.

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Backup [sic] Your Shortcuts

The Shortcut app is backed up by default via the device's iCloud, but it may not be a bad idea to use this shortcut, always back up the settings for the Shortcut app. This shortcut will also help you sync.

Find more shortcuts

You can always find more shortcuts by searching websites. But Reddit and McStoriz's website can be good suggestions.


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