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A list of friends close to the Instagram app has been added

A list of friends close to the Instagram app has been added Posted on April 6, 2020Leave a comment

In June 1996, Instagram announced that it was evaluating a new feature that it called "Favorites," which was an attempt to redesign a list of friends. Instagram also wanted to make it possible for its users to share their plans. Now, about 18 months later, Instagram has released a private share for its app, which is very different from what was seen in 2017. This feature, now called "Close Friends," will be the only restriction on Instagram stories.

To use the new feature, open the app's story section camera and take a photo or video. Now, you will notice the green circles on which there is a star. If you click on it, you will go to the list of friends close to you.

In another tab, Instagram also suggests some people to add to the list of close friends based on your past activities and those of your friends.

After selecting close friends, just click on the green circle again to send the story to these people only. After doing this, the people in this list will see a green circle around your profile picture in the stories section, which indicates that you have included them in this list.

People who enter or are removed from this list will not receive any notifications. So you can safely change the lists.

Of course, this feature may have some problems. For example, it's unlikely that only your close friends will put you on their list of close friends. For example, business pages may take such an approach for better visibility.

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Therefore, it seems that this Instagram action is the beginning of more changes in the field of privatization of Instagram accounts, and we will probably see more changes in this field in the coming months.


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