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The Microsoft Office app logo changes after 5 years

The Microsoft Office app logo changes after 5 years Posted on April 6, 2020Leave a comment

It seems that Microsoft has decided to change the logo of the icons of its famous applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., after five years.

App icons like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are likely to look simpler. These changes will be seen on mobile phones in the coming months, followed by Windows and Mac.

The new icons have two separate sections. One section will come with a letter on it (like W for Microsoft Word) and the other with a symbol for the app (such as lines that represent a text file for Word). The current design of the icons combines the two parts.

The ratio of letter to symbol in these logos will also change. In the previous design of the icons, you could feel the dominance of the letters on the symbol, but now it's the other way around.

Of course, the new logos retain the use of Microsoft colors for each application. That way, Word will still be blue and Excel will retain the green color. Of course, the tone of the colors has changed slightly.

According to Microsoft, more than one billion people in various industries and countries around the world use Microsoft Office, and the changes made to the icons are for simplicity and compatibility, as well as connecting to Office 365‌.

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