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Google seeks to enable scrolling in Google Chrome browser tabs

Google seeks to enable scrolling in Google Chrome browser tabs Posted on April 8, 2020Leave a comment

If you've been using the Google Chrome browser for a long time, you've probably noticed a problem with its tabs. When the number of tabs in Chrome increases, you can't tell which page each tab belongs to and its text completely disappears. It now appears that Google has noticed the problem and confirmed that it is looking for a scrolling chrome-plated feature.

A Google developer on Reddit's website said the company was looking to add a tabular scroll feature to the Chrome browser. Of course, this feature is not so new, because the Firefox browser is already using this feature.

Now, if you open more tabs in Chrome, the tabs get smaller and smaller. This may not be a problem for you if you have a large screen, but if you have more than 20 open tabs, you will definitely have a problem and you will not be able to recognize the opened websites at all.

With Chrome's use of scrollable tabs, the browser reduces the number of tabs to a certain number, and then displays the rest of the tabs below the tab bar. In this case, like the Firefox browser, you can probably see the rest of the open tabs by pressing a button. This could be a better solution to a problem that usually occurs with the Chrome browser.

Of course, for most users, this feature may not have much of an effect on whether or not the tabs are open, but it can be useful for those who use a lot of tabs in general. It also allows you to open other tabs more easily.

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Also, with Google Chrome taking advantage of this feature, you can probably use another feature of Google Chrome based on the grouping of open tabs, better than before.


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