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Familiarize yourself with the best PicsArt app tricks for professional image editing

Familiarize yourself with the best PicsArt app tricks for professional image editing Posted on April 8, 2020Leave a comment

PicsArt is one of the best image editing software on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, but many people think that since this app is designed for mobile, it has many limitations in image editing.

This idea is completely wrong. PicsArt is a versatile application that allows you to professionally edit the images you take. In this article, we are going to explain and teach you 10 very important tricks for editing images using this software. Stay with us.

1. Add a few effects to images

The PicsArt app has many attractive effects. With these effects, you can completely change the images you have with dramatic and extraordinary changes. One of the nice features of this application is that you can add not only one filter, but also several filters of effects to images.

To do this, open the photo using PicsArt. Then select the Effects option and apply the filter you want on it. Then tap on the shape that contains the two small squares. By selecting this option, the selected filter will be applied to the image, and now you can add another filter to the image. After finishing the work, you can click on the white tick that is in the upper right corner of the image.

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2. Watch the original image

Sometimes while editing an image, you may want to compare the edited image with the original version. You do not need to look at the original image by going to the gallery. Using the PicsArt app during editing, you can hold the image and see the original version.

3. Change the intensity of the applied effects

In addition to adding multiple effects, you can also adjust the intensity of these effects as you wish. To do this, after applying the effect, just click on the effect option in the bottom bar and then change the intensity of the applied effect as shown below.

4. Apply the effect only on a part of the image

The PicsArt app also allows you to change only certain parts of the image. To use this feature, after applying one of the effects, just click on the eraser option that can be seen in the top bar. Now you can delete the effect applied to the parts of the photo that you don't want to have.

5. Blurring the background of the image

There are many apps that allow you to blur the background of your photo. But PicsArt has made this possible with additional features. With this application, you can benefit from regular matte, smart matte, radial matte, and so on. The app can also automatically blur the background of photos you take.

To blur images, just tap Effects and then go to Blur mode. Just like the image below. The matte mode is fully applied to the image, and now you have to click on the Eraser option in the bottom bar and select the parts of the image that you don't want to blur.

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6. Add color effects to the corners of the images

To do this, just open the image in PicsArt and then click on Effects. Now select FX and then Vignette. Tap Vignette again to see the options for this filter.

Now click on the color shown in the image below so you can color the corners of your images. You can also increase or decrease the size of the colored borders created in this section.

7. Edit stickers

PicsArt software allows you to add a lot of stickers. Of course, each person has their own taste and wants to add stickers to their images with a certain style and context. For this reason, the PicsArt‌ method may not be acceptable to everyone.

In order to increase the personalization of this issue to some extent, it is interesting to know that by using this application, you can even edit the added stickers. To do this, first add a sticker to your image. As soon as you add a sticker, you will be shown the options to edit the sticker.

8. Create stickers in different shapes

You may want to create stickers with different shapes. This is also possible with the PicsArt application. To do this, first tap the Tools from the bottom bar and then select Shape Crop.

Now select your desired shape from the bottom bar. Now change the image as you want by shaking the borders of the created shape. Once everything is done, select the Save option from the top bar.

Now the created sticker has been added to the stickers section and you can now add them to any other image you are editing.

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9. Changing the background of an image

Sometimes the background of an image is not what we want it to be and we like to change it. The PicsArt app makes it easy to do this.

To change the background of an image, the first thing you need to do is select the part of the image whose background you want to change. To do this, just select the Free Crop option from the Tools section. Select the desired part of the image. The selected section goes to My Stickers‌.

Now open the background you want to add to the image in the app. Now, using the Sticker option, select the sticker created in the previous step. Using the tool in the app, set the added sticker as you want on the new background image.

10. Add white borders to images

You may have seen photos on Instagram that are different from the rest of the images. These photos generally give them a more interesting look by using white borders around their images.

With the help of the PicsArt application, you can also add white borders to your Instagram images. Of course, it should be noted that this color can have any other color.

To apply this change, open your desired images in the PicsArt app and then select the Square Fit option. Then use your fingers to make the image smaller so that the border is narrower or thicker. Now select the Save option.

It should be noted that in addition to the above, there are many other tricks in the PicsArt app that we may not have been able to introduce. The best way to learn and become a professional image editor is to practice.

If you know another interesting trick of this application, share it with us.


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