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How to combine different shapes in PowerPoint?

How to combine different shapes in PowerPoint? Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

PowerPoint has a wealth of libraries that you can use to create useful graphics such as flowcharts. You can also merge shapes in PowerPoint.

In this article, we are going to explain how to integrate shapes in PowerPoint. After studying this tutorial, you can create more accurate and attractive slides to present your projects. If you are a PowerPoint user, don't miss this article.

Merge shapes in PowerPoint

In order to be able to integrate multiple shapes, you must first create multiple Shape (shapes) in your PowerPoint file. To do this, first go to the Insert tab and find Shapes from the Illustrations group from the available options.

In the displayed menu, you will see different shapes; from among them, select your desired option. In this article, our choice will be Oval.

Now you need to draw your desired shape on the screen. To do this, select a part of the blank page and drag the mouse pointer to one side. This will display the selected shape in the image.

Draw a shape in PowerPoint GIF

Repeat the above methods for the second figure. Once the job is done, make sure one of the shapes covers the other.

Now to merge the two shapes, you must first select both. To do this, hold down the Ctrl key and select the shapes you want to combine one by one.

Hold ctrl and select two GIF shapes

Now you should see a new tab called Shape Format in the top bar of PowerPoint. Select the new tab.

Now you need to log in to Merge Shapes from the Insert Shapes group.

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After selecting the Merge Shapes button, a small menu will open in which you will see various options. By selecting each of them, the way the shapes are merged will be different. For example, if you select the Union option (meaning community), the final shape of a community will be without two internal boundaries.

To find out how each of the options works, it's a good idea to try each one out and return the applied changes to their original state if you're not happy with the Ctrl + Z key combination.

In this example, we decided to use the Combine option. The final shape will be as follows:

It should be noted that you can use the above method to merge more than two shapes. To do this, just hold down the Ctrl key, select all the shapes, and finally select one of the options mentioned in the Merge Shapes section.

That's it, and it's just that the shapes on PowerPoint will merge.


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