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Introducing the Action Dash app; healthy use of smartphones

Introducing the Action Dash app; healthy use of smartphones Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

One of the notable features of Android Q is Digital Wellbeing. But now the developers of one of the most famous launchers in the world, Action Launcher, have introduced the Action Dash application, which will allow you to access almost all the features of the digital health service.

In this article, we decided to introduce this software and examine its features. If you're looking for a service like Digital Health and can't access Android Q, it's a good idea to check out Action Dash.

Action Dash app

Action Dash has tried to be exactly like the digital health service. In fact, you can use it to see how long it takes for all of your phone's software to run, and check which software on your phone takes the most time.

This software has different sections, each of which provides you with specific information about the amount of phone consumption. For example, you can see the performance of different software in beautiful graphic charts. The charts will be displayed in two ways: daily and weekly.

In each of the mentioned sections, you can see how many times each application has unlocked your phone and sent you several notifications. Also in this section is a bar chart that shows that you have spent a few minutes on each application. This diagram can be seen in the lower part of the software.

Another part of Action Dash is related to screen time. In this section, you will see how long it takes to use the phone. Going to this section will display a chart that shows how much you are using the phone. This display can also be on a daily basis; in this case, the amount of use of the phone at different hours of the day and night is considered.

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You can also view your phone usage by different apps. For example, you can see how much of your two-hour use of your phone has been for Instagram or other apps in a long time.

In addition to the screen time, Action Dash lets you know how many apps have been run daily or weekly. This statistic takes into account all the times that you have logged in by selecting an application icon or by receiving a notification.

In other sections, it is designed to display the functionality of each application separately by the number of notifications sent, as well as the number of times they have unlocked your phone. All of these sections display a graphic chart that provides you with information on a weekly basis as well as on a daily basis.

Until recently, Action Dash was only limited to the features mentioned so far, but after the latest major update to the software, other new features have been added that can be very useful. These two features are called Focus Mode and application restrictions, which we'll cover in turn.

Focus Mode, as its name implies, allows you to introduce some software to it so that it does not interfere with you while using other applications. In fact, the software specified in this list will not send you any notifications when you are using other software. To enable this mode, just like using the Digital Health Service Concentration mode, just enable the Focus Mode option via the Android Toolbar.

But just using focus won't help you use your phone healthier. With the Apps Restriction feature for apps, you can go even further and define restrictions for your daily use of specific apps. After applying the restriction to each of the applications, when you reach the specified deadline, you will receive a notification reminding you to stop using the specified application.

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It should also be noted that before the release of the latest major update, the use of the dark theme of Action Dash was only available in the paid and $ 7 version of this application, which you can now easily access in the free version. Of course, one of the practical features of the premium version of Action Dash is the ability to display the activity of different applications over longer periods of time.

In general, it can be said that the Action Dash application offers all the applications of Android Q digital health service, and we can even say that it has more features. This software is produced by Action Launcher Development Group and can be trusted completely. This software can be a great option for users who can't use Android Q and Google's digital health service.

ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper
  • ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper
  • Price : Free with in-app payments
  • Manufacturer : Action Launcher
  • Operating system : Android
  • Size : 9.0 MB

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