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6 million trips to Snape by disabled drivers

6 million trips to Snape by disabled drivers Posted on April 3, 2020Leave a comment

The third morning of this morning's Thunder Tack event was attended by leading figures of the Disabled Community and business executives supporting disabled people at the Thunder Benefit Training Complex. At the event, a young cyclist named Soheil recounted the story of his life and told of his resurgence following an accident that resulted in his disability.

The third Thunderbolt was sponsored by Snap Company, and Snub CEO Jubin Eshband was another speaker at the event. Interested in the event, Snap focused on empowering the disabled community as the social responsibility of this online cab. According to Snap's CEO, drivers with disabilities in this online taxi are exempt from paying commissions, and Snape has today become a good platform for people with disabilities to become independent. "Two years ago, I announced at this event that the number of Snap Disabled drivers was over 6,000," said Jubin Bassband, a driver with a disability profile. Today, I proudly announce that Snape has accommodated more than 6,000 drivers with disabilities, and they have successfully completed 3 million Snape trips so far. Snape will not receive a commission to support disabled drivers. "

"The discount plan we have for passengers with disabilities by the end of this year has used the Snap Discount Code from 9 December to now," said Dabshband. "That means Snape has helped thousands of people with disabilities have the motivation to get out of their homes and participate in society more than 5,000 times."

According to Snap's CEO, several teams at Snap have been mobilized at full strength to enable this code to identify passengers with disabilities. The Tehran City Council provided Snape with the phone number of a group of people with disabilities, and Snape sent a message to people with disabilities after activating the discount code to inform them about the discount.

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"Since the phone numbers provided by Snap were not complete, we were considering providing welfare to the disabled to work with a public relations mechanism," said Dabshband further. Under this mechanism, people with disabilities have their own information (including national codes and mobile numbers) for inquiries by posting on the official Snapchat social network, or emailing [email protected] or calling support at Snap. "This information is being checked with the Welfare Organization and if they are approved, a discount code will be issued to these people."


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