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Around the World with Ablo; an application for international chat and language enhancement

Around the World with Ablo; an application for international chat and language enhancement Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

I've always loved meeting new people and getting to know new cultures, so the closure of the Wayfare app was a bad thing for me. I thought I would no longer see that great approach in another app, and I just had to be happy with its good memories when I met Ablo a few days ago, very coincidentally.

Ablo is exactly what Wayfare was supposed to be; an international chat and chat app that allows you to sign up around the world and meet new people, share cultural and linguistic exchanges, and expand your geographic information to You couldn't even have magazines and newspapers.

Ablo accidentally finds a friend for you

From the very beginning, Ablo shows you that this is not a dating app. So you can't send anything to anyone and do anything, otherwise you'll run into developers and download the app. Ablo's cultural environment is designed to randomly find correspondence with friends who are at least one country away and at most one continent away from you.


This random and, of course, "controlled" system for meeting new people is not very pleasant at first glance, but it is one of the most important factors in keeping Ablo out of the way. So if you go to the app with a cultural perspective, you won't complain about this restriction. But how to connect with new users?

Ablo connects users who are online at the same time to chat in a chat window, but with some special and unique features. The first point is that unlike similar apps, you can also make video calls, and the other advantage is that you don't have to be fluent in English to talk to the other person. This is one of the most interesting features I've ever seen in a similar app.

The Ablo app is better than the simultaneous translator feature

Suppose the person in front of you is not fluent in Spanish and you can't understand what he or she is saying because of bad grammar. Ablo comes here with the help of both translators to help you better understand each other's language. In a text conversation, the other person's text is immediately translated into English from the native language, and in the video conversation, you will read his speech in English subtitles.

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Conversations also take place in an environment similar to the messengers' app so that you don't feel like you're a stranger. Each user can set a profile picture for themselves, and you can also send photos, videos, and gifs to your opponent if you wish, and if you find him or her to be a good-natured, lovable person, send him or her a friendly message. Fortunately, Ablo is synchronized between different platforms, so you can finish the conversation you started on Android on your laptop.


To encourage you to take action, Ablo also has a series of challenges that will be awarded to you when you complete them. Of course, no matter how many medals you get, it doesn't affect your relationships with other users, but you get a better position on the Leaderboard app to become a well-known Ablo. This will increase the chances that more people will visit your profile.

With this process, Ablo can keep you entertained for months. One day you will talk to a Chinese friend and the next day you will travel to the Caribbean coast and learn about the culture and customs of the people of that region. In addition, if you are persistent, you can have a good language exchange in these chats and even open an account with your friend as a partner to strengthen the language.

Ablo can keep you entertained for months

Of course, it might be much better if the creators gave you a little bit of the right to choose the party, at least to the extent that you decide for yourself whether your friend is Asian or European. Accidental chat system has another common problem, which is that you should expect to be rejected by the other party. Although this is one of the sweets of the Ablo experience that wants to surprise you with random people, when a few people avoid talking to you in a row, it is likely that the thought of clearing the app will come to mind.

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However, in my experience with Ablo to date, most people have been eager to talk, and in that short time I have made good friends around the world that I would like to know more about themselves and their country. If this catches your eye, I suggest you try Ablo right now.

  • Ablo
  • Price : Free
  • Manufacturer : MassiveMedia
  • Operating system : iOS and Android
  • Size : 61.6 MB

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