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Review the application and web service of the revolving salary; record the expenses and prepare the salary report

Review the application and web service of the revolving salary; record the expenses and prepare the salary report Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

A solicitor or solicitor is a sum of money that is generally given to an employee or employee in charge of solicitation from the company's financial fund to meet the current and small financial needs of companies and institutions. In fact, the payroll makes it easy to pay for current day-to-day operations and purchases of institutions, and there is no need to write and sign checks or securities for such expenses.

Each institution or company annually sets a certain amount as the revolving salary and hands it over to the accountant, auditor, financial officer or employee of the revolving salary. At the end of the fiscal year or shorter periods of a few months, and after conducting an audit and reviewing the statement of expenses related to the revolving salary, the additional amount will be returned to the company's fund.

With these interpretations, revolving payroll should be considered an important part of corporate financial accounting. Since the amounts considered as a revolving salary are completely separate from other companies' income and expenses, the need for an application or program to properly manage this part of the financial costs is felt.

Of course, if you've ever used software and accounting software, you've probably noticed that most of them are part of the revolving payroll. However, in many cases, it may be preferable to use a separate app to handle the company's bond status, and one of the available and useful options is the " bootable " app.

Battalion app

From the app's naming, we can assume that we are not on the side of a comprehensive accounting and financial cost management program, and the Revolving Application is a dedicated online software application for recording receipts and payments, and in general managing monetary reports. This program saves your account information in the cloud, so you can be sure that any other device will allow you to access your account in the application.

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As expected, the home screen in the revolving payroll app is dedicated to displaying a chart of payments status and balance balance. In the diagram, you can see the residual current balance, and at the bottom of the page, you can see the amount and number of payments whose picture bills have not yet been attached.

At the beginning of the program, you will be given the opportunity to see a quick tutorial on how to work with a revolving salary to learn the basics of working with the application. This tutorial program teaches you how to work with a revolver in the form of 4 video steps, and you can access it from the drop-down menu at any time.

The main task in the application, which is to record the transactions of the salary, is done easily and by touching the + button on the home screen. By touching this button, a menu will appear in which you can choose between receiving, registering, paying and closing your salary. When registering payments, it is possible to define an infinite number of items and classifications for it, in addition to entering the date of the transaction and attaching the image, so that the information is accurately recorded. In addition, by giving access to the application, the user's bank text messages are read and transactions are automatically recorded.

Another option on the home screen is a calendar, which is almost a daily schedule and to-do list. In this section, daily tasks can be entered as a checklist, and after each task, just check the box next to it. Tap it.

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If your company has several trustees at the same time, it is possible for you to send them an invitation by defining the invitation via their mobile number, and define them as users in the program to access the company's salary account. Be able to record and edit the rotating data of the battalion. Another good feature that Battalion Provider provides is the ability to connect to various accounting software. In this case, the accounting unit does not need to register the accounting document information manually and this information is automatically transferred to the program.

In addition, if you work as a trustee on several projects or in several different companies at the same time, it is possible to define an unlimited number of different projects and companies in the program so that you do not need to use several different accounts.

As mentioned, the Battalion Warehousing saves your data on the cloud, and after each transaction you enter in the app, the changes are automatically saved in the cloud. For this purpose, the revolving application uses a permanent connection to the Internet, which means that if you are not connected to the Internet, you will not be able to record information on it. This is a kind of weakness of the program, but in the new version of the application, the possibility of registering information offline will be added. In this case, whenever the user connects to the Internet, the information that enters the program offline is backed up and transferred to the server.

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But if we skip this, we must say that the revolving application is a good and practical program for managing the salary, and if you need a simple, small and practical program in your business that will meet your salary needs. It's a good idea to take a look at this app.

The revolving salary application has been developed for the Android platform, which can be downloaded from the Bazaar Cafe and, of course, the Play Store. The service also has a web version that you can register and use through the Battalion's website . There's no word yet on the iOS version of the app, and developers have promised to release it in the coming months.

Battalion Corps
  • Battalion Corps
  • Price : Free
  • Manufacturer : Domus Group
  • Operating system : Android
  • Size : 12 MB

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