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Mapsa Review; Software for Project Accounting and Cost Management

Mapsa Review; Software for Project Accounting and Cost Management Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

Proper management of project-based businesses may be one of the key challenges in this area. Recording the process of doing the project, managing financial transactions, collecting information about employees' working hours and calculating the amount of their salaries and many other things that we encounter in the process of doing any small or large project are examples of these challenges.

That's why in the process of doing a project of any kind, you probably feel the need for a tool to calculate, record and store this information so that you can access all the information comprehensively and completely when needed. Mapsa can be considered one of the good and practical programs in this field, which provides you with almost complete facilities for recording and recording the implementation process of your projects.

Mapsa application

Mapsa can be used by users in two ways: web version and as an application. In this article, we will review the facilities and services provided by this service by focusing more on the Mapsa application.

A good thing to keep in mind from the very beginning of working with the Mapsa application is that it is simpler than other accounting and financial management programs. Probably, if you have used financial management and accounting applications, their intricate and complex menus will make you bored and discouraged after a while. Despite the many categories and categories that arise from the nature of the program's work, Mapsa has tried to implement simplicity and practicality to the appropriate extent.

To start working with the program, you must register in it, and this will start by entering the mobile number and receiving the activation code. Because Mapsa stores your information in cloud space, you can be sure that important and vital information about your project will not be lost as the application is cleared.

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This program relies on the Internet to store information in the cloud, and it will not be possible to enter new information if your device is not connected to the network. Of course, if you don't have access to the Internet, you can still see reports, but perhaps it would be better to have the ability to store new information locally and on the phone than when Internet access is not available or disrupted (which is relatively likely to happen). Is high), it is still possible for the user to enter information.

It's also worth noting that user information is backed up automatically, so we don't have to worry about losing user information. In addition, if you have access to the Internet, you can back up your project at any time from your project's financial status and download it to give you an Excel file.

After logging in, Mapsa will ask you if you would like to learn the basics of working with the app by taking a relatively short tutorial. This 8-step hypothetical learning tour teaches you how to include basic and important information in the program to record the progress of a project. For each step, a short video is designed, after which you can do the relevant exercise to master the work with Mapsa.

In these tutorials, you will learn about investing, cash purchase of materials, adding day-to-day staff, day-to-day staff performance, employee pay, contractor performance, contractor settlement, and finally how to report. They are considered with Mapsa.

In addition to creating an unlimited number of projects, you can also register the status of your received and paid checks.

In Mapsa, you can create an unlimited number of projects so that if you are implementing several plans and programs at the same time, it is possible to manage and record their information in parallel. You can share any projects with other team members so that they can Be aware of the process of tracking applications, and in addition, several users will be able to record or view information at the same time.

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The home page in the Mapsa application is dedicated to the summary chart of the financial situation, in which you can see the sum of payments, the sum of receipts, the sum of debts and the payable checks with cash. It is also possible to enter bank account information in Mapsa so that the application, like other financial management and accounting applications, can monitor the status of the amounts paid and received by you. In addition, there is a section for managing your checks so that you can have a complete report of the status of your paid and received checks, and the software reminds you of the maturity of your checks.

Mapsa web version

Apart from financial and accounting matters, the Mapsa application is responsible for recording and recording other information about your project. For example, you can enter the contact information of the audience you are involved in in this project, list the tools and machines you use, the function of contractors and the hourly, daily or monthly performance of employees, and of course the components and construction steps along with the information. Enter them in the app.

In fact, Mapsa reports and reports on project costs separately for construction components and construction stages. Examples of the names of the steps and components of a building are embedded in a list of defaults in the program, and you can use them if the items on this list meet your needs. Otherwise, you will be able to manually enter your desired list in each section.

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In Mapsa, it may not be possible to make the default information of components and manufacturing stages available for more domains

Of course, in the default list of programs for construction components and construction stages, only the cases related to construction projects can be seen. Since Mapsa claims that it can be used as an application for managing all projects, it may not be bad to consider a short list for several other widely used areas such as technology, agriculture, design, etc. projects. Another good feature of the Mapsa app is the calendar, where you can write new notes for each day. This note can be used to describe the day's work schedule and to remind you of what you need to do.

Since Mapsa provides you with all the features mentioned in this article as a package and probably eliminates the need to install multiple applications simultaneously, you can consider it as a good option for recording and managing your project information. .

Of course, this application can be improved by providing subsequent updates and fixing some deficiencies. According to the development team, the free version of Mapsa will always be free, but we hope that the free stay of the program in the future will not harm the quality of service and of course its support. Mapsa is currently available for Android on the web, and an iOS version is expected to be released in the future.

  • مپسا
  • Price : Free
  • Manufacturer : Domus Group
  • Operating system : Android
  • Size : 13 MB

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