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It was possible to send voice messages on Instagram

It was possible to send voice messages on Instagram Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

For a long time, there have been rumors about the ability to send voice messages on Instagram , and now this feature has practically arrived.

Instagram announced the possibility of sending an audio message to the users of this application by publishing a tweet . With this feature, users can send their messages by voice instead of sending text directly.

These messages must be a maximum of one minute long and can be sent privately or in chat groups. This feature has been added to the latest version of Android and iOS Instagram applications, but it will take some time to provide it for all compatible devices. Voice message on Instagram Keep in mind that audio files cannot be sent this way. To send your message by voice, just hold down the microphone key and record your message, it will be sent automatically by removing your finger from the message key. If you have stopped sending messages, just swipe your finger to the left bucket icon.

Instagram started out as an image-sharing app, attracting millions of users, but it has long been possible to share video, shopping, stories, and add close friends. Etc. has tried to be from this framework.

The ability to send voice messages is also an attempt to welcome users in messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, but users are not necessarily going to react similarly to this feature on Instagram, as some people have criticized. Its approach has been called unnecessary and undesirable.

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