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Mozilla warns of Google's overpopulation

Mozilla warns of Google's overpopulation Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

A few days ago, Microsoft announced its decision to use Google's Chromium engine in the Edge browser , but apparently not everyone is happy with this decision, and one of them is Mozilla's CEO.

Mozilla CEO Chris Byrd believes Microsoft's new decision means offering more online space to Google. Not only is he different from this decision, but he also reminds us of the Redmondians' rule in the field of browsing over the past decade, emphasizing that if this is repeated, it is Google's power that will be further developed:

Increasing Google's dominance is dangerous in many ways, and much of it depends on the actions of site developers and Internet business activists. If products like chromium have a large share, developers probably don't care about the compatibility of their products with other technologies.

According to Beard, Mozilla's main goal is to compete with Chrome to ensure it provides the best experience for all Internet users. With EdgeHTML leaving the competition scene, the limited options available to users will be less than before. "

The reason we're competing with Google isn't because browsers are thriving, but because the health of the Internet depends on the competition of companies and the right of users to choose.

Over the past 18 months, Firefox has come a long way in terms of speed and performance, yet Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser among users around the world.

According to NetMarketShare estimates, the Chrome desktop version holds 63% of the total browser market. In second and third place are Internet Explorer and Firefox with 11% and 10%, respectively.

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