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Review of SnapQ application; one prize and one hundred thousand people

Review of SnapQ application; one prize and one hundred thousand people Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

Online competitions of public information or trivia style games are among the popular trends of Iranian applications these days. You don't have to prove it, look at the millions of eager and enthusiastic users of Quiz of Kings . Even among foreign products, a title like QuizUp is popular among our compatriots and fans.

But it's time for a new trend, another online public information contest with two big differences: one is the number of participants in each competition reaches 100,000, and the other is the big name that the app carries with it.

SnapQ, the new product of Snap's large collection, is an online and breathtaking trio-style competition. An application inspired by foreign examples, just like Snap itself, has come up with a new definition of online competition and established new standards in its own style.


The race starts with a countdown and has different prizes each time. Currently, SnapQ competitions are held twice a day at 3 pm and 8 or 10 pm.

Every night at the appointed hour, tens of thousands of people enter the SnapQ to participate in a live, online contest, and the word "live" means that everything happens in an instant. In fact, for a better description, let me describe SnapQ as a live online competition that has a presenter and tens or hundreds of people win prizes every night.

The subject is not new and untouched. Surely, seeing SnapQ screenshots, you have noticed that it is modeled on foreign examples. Perhaps this imitation has to some extent led to copying.

While creativity-free modeling is never a good thing, it should be noted that many successful domestic apps have been Iranianized examples of successful foreign products. Why go so far as to say that all online taxi service services active in the country (and even the world) have been inspired by the popular Uber app.


Program presenters change every night, and so do the number of participants. For flawless live streaming, the quality is set to the point where everyone can watch the app with any internet.

The point is, this is the right model for certain subtleties that not every developer can handle. Although SnapQ is very similar to the foreign example in some respects, especially the user interface and even the color scheme, and this is a point that we criticize, but on the other hand it has been so successful in implementing the work or so-called Iranianization of the idea that it cannot be done. He did not tell his creators.

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The SnapQ contest is held live once a day, usually between 8 and 10 pm, when everyone has returned from work and university, and they have ample opportunity to pick up the phone and take part in an exciting contest.

At the peak of the clock, the race begins in an environment similar to Instagram Live. Where the number of participants is displayed at the moment and you can leave a comment at the moment and read the comments of others. The presenter comes to the page and after a little fun, asks 12 questions of three options from the participants.


As you can see, the first questions are very simple. But gradually they get harder and harder.

One wrong answer is that you have to say goodbye to the race. This makes the competition in SnapQ very hot and exciting and has become one of the attractions of the competition. If you lose, you have no choice but to return to the race except to use the "soul", which is difficult to obtain and can only be used once during each race.

Snape Q gives prizes to contest winners every night, and the prize is usually in cash. The cash prize is ultimately distributed to those who answered all 12 questions correctly and stored in their account, and the great thing is that this time it's not about the odds and the usual rounds of lottery apps.


In my second attempt, I was able to answer all twelve questions correctly and win five thousand tomans. Not much, but Kachi to nothing!

Winners of SnapQ are 100% profitable. More or less, the cash you take will be stored in your account, and when it reaches 20,000 Tomans, you can put it in your pocket and withdraw it by giving the account number. This may be the first time that in an Iranian application with a competition theme, you are sure that you will not go out empty-handed and your hat will not go off!

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Of course, how much you win depends on the amount of rewards each night and the difficulty of the questions. When questions get too difficult, fewer people win, so they can take a bigger share of the prize. So SnapQ's competitions are always breathtaking and never lose their excitement.

SnapQ is a completely free app, and that may raise a question in your mind: With this volume of awards, how does the app itself generate revenue? The answer is very simple.

Consider a page that tens of thousands of eyes stare at every hour at the appointed time, and a large portion of those springs are constant fans and customers. I think that's enough to attract the attention of every sponsor and investor, and it's a clever idea that the Snap Marketing team has managed to do it faster than its other domestic competitors.


The weekly rankings announce the winners of each competition to others.

Involving the Iranian audience in various problems and drowning in messengers in a phone-centric internet contest has been a goal that Snap team has masterfully achieved. We will feel the Iranian Internet more.

These limitations include the lack of customization options for the user profile. For example, you still can't post a profile picture of yourself. Adding a section to set records and awards in profiles may also add more excitement to the competitive space of SnapQ.

But by juxtaposing the pros and cons, the scales weigh heavily on SnapQ's positives. SnapQ's competitions are literally exciting and fun, and anyone can win the prize with a little effort and enjoy a real online competition.

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SnapQ is currently being released for Android devices, and the iOS version will be available for iPhone and iPad users soon.

SnapQ | SnappQ
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  • Price : Free
  • Manufacturer : Snap
  • Operating system : Android
  • Size : 4.8 MB

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