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New Disruption in Instagram Story

New Disruption in Instagram Story Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

The new disruption on Instagram has caused the display of additional tapes in the story images and has caused a lot of speculation among users.

Thousands of Instagram users around the world have reported the appearance of multiple gray stripes on their stories. These tapes are not found on normal feed or search images and are only transmitted to images sent in the story section. Instagram story As usual, users rushed to Twitter to discuss the issue and expressed differing views, the common denominator of which was the confusion of story images. Some of these people even think that these gray lines are related to the new filter in this application.

On the other hand, the prevalence of various and strange challenges in social networks has caused some to consider these unwanted tapes as a new challenge for users. It's not uncommon for some people to add irregular gray stripes to their photos and share them.

By increasing the number of tweets by users of the official Instagram account on Twitter , he emphasized that the company is aware of the incident and is doing its best to solve this annoying problem quickly. Instagram story

While the disruption has not yet been resolved, a number of other users have encountered a new problem that does not allow them to view story images. The men encountered this message while trying to open the story:

Please try later. We have limited some actions and content to protect users.

Instagram Story is one of the most popular features of this application, and any disruption in it will lead to dissatisfaction of a large number of users. The company has not yet posted a new post on Twitter about troubleshooting the gray stripes.

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