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The new iOS update fixes some of the problems on Facebook

The new iOS update fixes some of the problems on Facebook Posted on April 5, 2020Leave a comment

Apple 's latest operating system update, iOS 12.1.1, has been released and is now available to users. Apple, which has previously been criticized for making some changes to Facebook, seems to be trying to fix some of them with a new update.

One of the most notorious changes to Apple's iOS 12 operating system was the ability to make high-volume group calls on Facebook, which iPhone users have been waiting for a long time. But with that in mind, there are some changes to the app that some users may not like.

For example, the loss of the ability to take live photos while making calls and the button to change the camera on the menu, which made it more difficult to access, were examples of these changes.

But now Apple seems to be listening to its users, and in the latest update of its operating system, it has moved the camera change button to the home screen next to the volume down, end call and effect buttons, as well as taking live photos while making video calls again. Has been.

Another new feature added in the latest iOS 12 update is the touch preview on the iPhone XR.

In addition, the update fixes some issues, such as the lack of access to Facebook ID, as well as the lack of proper keyboard shortcuts in Chinese and Japanese.

IOS 12.1.1 update is now available to users, and you can use your iPhone or iPad to go to Settings> General> Software Update to download and read all the changes you've made.

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